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Our Services

Wherever a beautiful design is required, let INTERIORS | By IZALINA bring your idea to life. Some clients know what they want. Others don't know where to start. Wherever you fit in, Izalina is here to help you start and carry your project all the way to its finishing touches. Clients are provided with a large range of design services that are aimed at turning ideas from concept to reality. Every new task is another opportunity to create something new, so provide us with information about what you need and we’ll get you started.

Touch Up

Should you just need to freshen up your space, we can provide you with paint selections and some small upgrades. 

Materials Consultation

We will help you narrow down colors, textures and materials that will tie together and elevate your space.

Window Treatment

Let us help you with selecting the right window treatment for your home and accentuate those finishing touches.

Space Planning

No sure how to layout the space. We are here to provide you with some professional floor plans.

Bathroom and Kitchen 

We can help you select bathroom and kitchen hardware as well as appliances and light fixtures

Furniture and Accessories

Finding the right furniture can be very daunting and time consuming. Use our Trade advantage to get the right custom furniture. 

What Our Clients Say

Interior Decor

Janet Murray | Los Gatos

​Izalina is really great at developing an understanding of her client's style and preferences and then designing a new room layout, and enhancing existing room plans, so that the space has the feeling that the client is looking for while taking into account practical matters like use of the room and budget. The rooms Izalina has worked on with us are functional, comfortable and the most attractive spaces in my home.

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